Audio Production

Audio is our passion. Our approach to Audio Production is a marriage of professional quality equipment and technical expertise.  We foster the best environment to create the best possible overall sound. To read more about our Audio Productions, click the link below.


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Brief list of Audio Production products and services:

Lighting Systems

Lighting is imperative to set the mood, illuminate the performance, and guide your audience’s attention for any event or installation.  We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the proper mood and atmosphere is created. To read more about our Lighting service click the link below.


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Brief list of Lighting services:

Video Systems

We offer the best in Video Systems technology.  Video systems can be utilized at concerts or events to provide visual aid in any presentation or live feed.  Whether you require active video presentation, video recording, DVD production, or video editing we can service your needs.   These services can be incorporated into a permanent installation. To read more about our Video Systems, click the link below.


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Brief List of Video Systems Products:


If you are looking for a specific piece of equipment or are not able to travel with your own Backline, instruments or amps, we can fulfill your Backline needs. To read more about our Backline services, click the link below.


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Brief list of Backline Products:


Touring is an extensive process. Our experienced touring staff can aid with any logistical aspect to overseeing the entire production. To read more about our touring services, click the link below.


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Brief list of touring services:

Staging & Baracade

The stage is the central focus and support structure for your event.  Draping provides the stage background and maintains clean sightlines for your audience.  Barricades are used to create protective barriers and ensure your audience safety. To read more about our Staging, Draping and Barricades, click the link below.


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Brief list of Staging, Draping, and Barricade services:

Generators & Power

Safe Generation and Power distribution grant the capacity to supply power for all your electrical needs. This service extends to all aspects of a production, including stage power, vendors and offices. To read more about our generators and power distribution, click the link below.


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List of Generators and power distribution services:

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